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Fair Trade Support

One of my best coffees is from Peru where the organization TransFair (Fair Trade) is organizing co-ops, starting schools, opening clinics, and training farmers how to grow, pick, and process coffee beans.
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Community is Home

We would love to see you in person at the Wrightstown Winter Farmers Market located at Chandler Hall, Newtown, every second and fourth Saturdays from 10AM-1PM. We take preorders, too.
Small Batch Roasting

Good Coffee

We have a small sample roaster, which we use to establish a roast profile for each of our coffees. By roasting 8-ounce batches we can determine the precise roast to obtain the desired flavor, which the bean has hidden within.
Featured Coffee

The Perfect Blend

A blend honoring Warren and Karen’s favorite origins.

Profile: Medium-Dark Roast, Shade Grown
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About The Coffee Scoop

Hand-craft Roasted Local Coffee

We are a second-generation, specialty coffee roasting company located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Since 2005 we have enjoyed bringing excellent, hand-craft roasted, exclusively Fair Trade Organic coffee to our community. You can find our coffee in over 30 local, organic, health food stores, markets, restaurants, the Wrightstown Farmers Market, and various cafés.

Our passion is to supply the highest quality, Fair Trade Organic, artisanal and consistently roasted coffee.

We hope you are blessed by The Coffee Scoop as we strive for excellence in passion, product, and service.
In February 2007 we received our organic certification from PA Certified Organic. Since then we roast ONLY certified organic coffee beans.
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We have many different coffees available for online purchase. Choose from our favorites below or visit our shop to see all of our available coffee.

Espresso Powder

Our Espresso Powder offers deep, rich coffee flavor to everything from cookies, cakes and frosting to ice cream, brownies, and tiramisu. Our Espresso Powder does all that and more – including enhancing chocolate in your favorite savory recipes. The premium blend of beans is finely ground to dissolve quickly for easy mixing.


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Holiday Blend

An excellent blend for The Fourth of July! ... this medium blend boats honey, milk chocolate, and pear notes with medium acidity.


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Espresso Blend

Dark roast. Rich, velvety, smooth, full-bodied, long lingering aftertaste -- Pure Gold!


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Coffee Lover's Blend

Medium-dark roast. A full-bodied and smooth blend of Central America and Indonesia.


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People Love The Coffee Scoop

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

We receive many messages of praise for our fine coffees!
Your Komodo Decaf coffee is the best decaf I've ever tasted. I really like the full-bodied, low-acid, espresso type of coffee, and it seems hard to find in a decaf coffee. So glad to have discovered The Coffee Scoop.

- Pam

Have you ever wished that coffee could taste as good as the aroma? Mostly I am disappointed. But your coffee tastes as good as it smells. It's the best coffee I have ever had... period!

- Samantha

My favorite espresso. Anyone who enjoys a good espresso should definitely order their espresso!! And its clean, like all their coffee; no added poisons. Can't beat that. Enjoy!!

- Dr. Vinny

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