100% Organic and Fair Trade

At The Coffee Scoop we pay scrupulous attention to every detail to make sure

that you are getting the best and freshest coffee available.

As a small company in the highly competitive coffee industry, our success is measured

by how satisfied you are with our coffee and whether you buy it again.


Fair Trade Support

One of my best coffees is from Guatemala where TransFair (Fair Trade) is there organizing co-ops,starting schools, opening clinics and training the people how to grow, pick and process coffee. Coffee instead of plants for the drug lords.


Local Availability

Come see us in person and purchase our coffee. We do sell at the Wrightstown Farm Market every Saturday from 9am-1pm. www.WrightstownFarmersMarket.org


Small Batch Roasting

We have a small sample roaster, which we use to establish a roast profile for each of our coffees. By roasting 8-ounce batches we can determine the precise roast to obtain the desired flavor, which the bean has hidden within.