Small Batch Roasting

Our coffee beans are roasted in small batches for perfection

We have a small sample roaster, which we use to establish a roast profile for each of our coffees. By roasting 8-ounce batches we can determine the precise roast to obtain the desired flavor, which the bean has hidden within. Heat is necessary to develop these flavors, but if the roasting is not stopped at that precise point, then the coffee is over "cooked". The flavors are destroyed and the sugars go from caramelized to carbonized, with the coffee having a burnt taste.

So what happens during roasting?

From start to finish, a roast typically takes about 15 minutes. Our roasting machine looks a lot like your clothes dryer. The beans are spun in the cylinder to "cook" them evenly. I am continually monitoring the "roast", visibly, by sound and smell; in order to bring out the flavors and aromas hidden within the beans.

If the beans are roasted too dark -Italian- (This is a product of California and Seattle, no one in Italy roasts this dark) the taste of the coffee is extinct, and the sugars have carbonized, instead of caramelized. Darker does not mean better. Roasting is an interpretation of agricultural ingredients and we hope you are adventurous when it comes to culinary tastes, because we roast for the differences you can taste.

100% Organic and Fair Trade

Here at The Coffee Scoop we roast only CERTIFIED ORGANIC COFFEE BEANS. We pay scrupulous attention to every detail to make sure that you are getting the best and freshest coffee available. As a small company in the highly competitive coffee industry, our success is measured by how satisfied you are with our coffee and whether you buy it again.

Coffee is much like fine wine; the green unroasted coffee bean has a distinct flavor depending on its origin. The best coffee is grown at high altitudes under a canopy of native shade trees to shield the coffee from the hot sun. The conventional (non-organic) coffee is grown with large amounts of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers; for this reason we chose to go 100% organic to avoid these chemicals.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best coffee possible!

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