Coffee FAQs

Helpful info for the coffee drinker

Know Your Coffee

An excellent cup of coffee is worth it. If it isn't a simple thing, neither is it very difficult. Coffee need not taste bitter, nor must it taste like charcoal. It can taste chocolaty, without any chocolate having been added. It can have elements of citrus, without ever having come near an orange. You should be able to look forward to a morning cup for reasons beyond the caffeine rush.

Brewing and Storage Tips

It’s best to grind your coffee fresh if you own a grinder. Keep the remainder of the whole beans stored in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature or in our zip closure bags but keep in a dark place at room temperature. (No freezing or storing in the refrigerator (coffee is like a sponge it easily picks up other odors) and does not like moisture, air or light.

Select the correct grind. Different coffee brewing methods require different grinds. The grind type is critically important to making good coffee. Coffee ground too fine will produce a bitter cup. Coffee ground too coarse will produce a watery cup.

Always use fresh, cold filtered water (never tap water) or chemically treated water. Use the right ratio of coffee to water: 2 level tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of brewing water.

Be sure your coffee brewer heats to the proper temperature (200 degrees F).

Water Process Decaffeination

At The Coffee Scoop we only roast a water process (Swiss Water Process (SWP) method of decaffeination. No chemicals are used to extract the caffeine. For more information visit:

Shade Grown Coffee

We try to buy shade grown coffee every chance we can. Shade grown is when the coffee plants grow under a canopy of native shade trees, the birds can nest in the trees, they eat the insects and fertilize the soil, creating the ideal environment for the coffee plant to grow. No herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers are needed.
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