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My favorite espresso. Anyone who enjoys a good espresso should definitely order their espresso!! And its clean, like all their coffee; no added poisons. Can't beat that. Enjoy!!
- Dr. Vinny
Your Komodo Decaf coffee is the best decaf I've ever tasted. I really like the full-bodied, low-acid, espresso type of coffee, and it seems hard to find in a decaf coffee. So glad to have discovered The Coffee Scoop.
- Pam
I buy my Komodo Decaf at Frey's and I love it so much, it was on my Christmas list and now in my cup. It is the best organic Swiss water process (only kind I drink) coffee I have ever had! Dark, rich, smooth and delicious. Worth every penny. Thank you!
- Barbara Leone
I tried your coffee this past summer when my husband and I started going to the Wrightstown Farmer's market. I haven't missed a week since for your delicious coffee. I used to buy the very popular coffee and found that yours was better tasting, better kept and made the perfect cup every time!! I even got my other family member hooked on it as well!! Thank you for the best cup of coffee!
- Marnie Rotter
Dear Warren and Karen, The problem with getting utterly hooked on your coffees is that rarely can I find really good coffee at restaurants, etc. I do love coffee and have tried probably every kind (including private blends) available to me and none rise to the level of drinking satisfaction than do yours! Everyone who has had your coffee at my house raves about it. See you at Wrightstown! Thank you for making coffee that is beyond all others in flavor and aroma!
- Pamela Gallagher
Dear Warren at Coffee Scoop, I've never before written a letter in praise of coffee - but I feel compelled to do so now: I think that your expresso blend coffee is the best coffee I've ever tasted. period. (And I'm well into middle-age.) I buy it at my local Whole Foods - it's just amazing coffee. And I'm even more pleased to know it's Fair Trade coffee. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Julie
I got hooked on your Komodo DECAF last summer at the Stockton Farmers Market...and was crushed to find you are not there this year. Never had a decaf coffee that is so rich in flavor (I only drink decaf), and my son who has some issues with gastric reflux can drink only this coffee. I have found your beans at other places, so I am happy!
- Joy Sawatzky
I have spent lots of time messing with my espresso machine and coffee grinder, thinking something was wrong with them because I haven't been able to get a decent shot of espresso out of the machine for quite a while. I purchased your espresso blend at the Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting (always wanting to give the local producers a try) and WOW! There's nothing wrong with my machines as long as I use your beans! I am sitting here enjoying one of the best lattes I've had (at home or elsewhere) in a long time. Thank you for saving me possibly thousands of dollars on an espresso machine I don't need.
- Christine Seel
Hi Warren and Karen, It was worth the 2 hour drive to get the best roasted coffee in Pennsylvania! Thanks for the very interesting chat about...coffee! We'll be back.
- Heinrich & Susan Botes
I have been a bit slack in the coffee ordering as of late...the other day my 17 year old got all over me saying, "stop buying average coffee just because you have coupons and get back to ordering the best coffee around from Uncle Warren"...enough said :)
- Fran Post
My wife stumbled across The Coffee Scoop at a tasting demo held at Frey's Better Foods in Hellertown, PA. She bought a bag of the Harrar, and we've been hooked ever since. Not only are these the best coffees we've ever tasted, they're also organic and fair trade. We've since moved to Colorado, so now we order online. The shipments always arrive sooner than we expect. 110% happy customers.
- Nathan Murphy
Hi Warren - I met you while you were doing a promotion of your coffee at Whole Foods in Jenkintown. Since then we have gone through 2 bags of your delicious coffee! I am so glad to have found a source of organic, fair trade coffee that is locally roasted. It is such a wonderful way to wake up each morning.
- Sarah Curtis-Fawley
Have you ever wished that coffee could taste as good as the aroma? Mostly I am disappointed. But your coffee tastes as good as it smells. It's the best coffee I have ever had... period!
- Samantha
I purchased your coffee (coffee lover's blend) this weekend at Rice's and I am hoooked. I opened my bag of beans and the aroma was incredible. I never realized that the coffee could smell that good. I couldn't wait to grind them up and make a pot. By far the best coffee I have ever brewed at home. I am going to be spreading the word to my other coffee lovers. Thank you.
- Mark Broomell
You have not tried fresh coffee until you've tried Fresh Coffee Scoop coffee. We saw this coffee roasted meticulously and shipped as soon as it comes out of the roaster. Just try one bag and you will be hooked. We are true coffee "snobs" and this is the only coffee that suits our tastes. Try it in a french press for an unbelievable fresh coffee experience!
- Lisa Stone
Super Fresh & Yummy.
- Audrey Bishop
Thank you so much! A Perfect cup every time!
- John Swanson
Your coffee is amazing! I'm so glad to have found you! Keep it up!
- Mary Halman
Very delicious, very flavorful. Fresh Coffee Scoop is my new favorite coffee! Thank you!!
- Justin Peterson
Your coffee hits the spot every time. Thank you for the experience of pure, delicious coffee masterfully roasted! I will never purchase any other and I will spread the word!
- Bethani Wright
The best coffee yet. Being from the Northwest around the Seattle area and exposed to many famous brands of coffee, and I've tried them all. This is the best yet. Anyone that hasn't tried yours is missing out. Even sending your coffee across the country, it is still the freshest I've had.
- Jeanne Town
Well, I must say, I was a bit pessimistic that coffee could really be all that different. Let me tell you, I am SOLD!! I am an extra creamer kind of gal and your coffee demands no cream. (it jumped out of the cup and stopped the cream mid stream). It is wonderful, absolutely wonderful!!! I never realized I was drinking bad coffee before! WOW, WOW, WOW, AMAZING. I can't wait to have friends over and demand they try your coffee, actually, I think I'll fill thermoses and take it to them. Thank you so very much.
- Fran
Thank you for choosing and superbly skillfully roasting the most fabulous coffees! (And thanks for the scoop, Bethani!) I was just perusing the high praise on the Testimonials page of your website. It was interesting how many glowing reviews there was of everything, but especially, in my case, of your Komodo Decaf. I couldn’t agree more. Not only is it the best decaf I have ever tasted, it’s one of the best coffees I have ever tasted. You are amazing. Many, many thanks!
- Jon
I no longer go to Starbucks for my coffee. I purchase your bags of coffee, specifically Evangeline's Blend, and brew at home. Your coffee is amazing and I'm happy to eliminate pesticides from my coffee. Thank you!
- Jennifer
Barista Bethani is the best at Wrightstown Farmers Market. We tell everyone about her Party in a Cup which includes her homemade vanilla sweet cream. We won't drink any other coffee. Thank you for being the best Roaster! #whosyourroaster is The Coffee Scoop forever.
- Bre
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