About Us

In February 2007 we received our organic certification from PA Certified Organic. Since then we roast ONLY 100% certified organic coffee beans.

We are a specialty coffee roasting company located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We wanted to bring a special service to our community, since our passion was coffee, The Coffee Scoop, LLC was born in August of 2005 with our on-line business. We now have our coffee in over 30 local organic, health food stores, small markets, restaurants and coffee shops.

The Journey Of The Coffee Bean

Coffee is much like fine wine in that the green coffee bean has a distinct flavor depending on its origin. The best coffee has a narrow growing criterion. These aristocrats require high altitudes, lots of rain with distinct rainy and dry seasons. The soil must be fertile. They require shade from clouds or a tree canopy as protection from the sun. The year round daytime temperature must be cool with no frost at night.

The result is a long slow growth cycle, which produces a dense, and hard bean with intense flavor. Coffee produces blossoms and fruit continuously, with the ripe fruit being hand picked by the farmers. Good coffee starts with good beans.

Some countries grow their coffee like corn with everything mechanized. Their coffee is mild and bland and a long ways from organic.

Coffee from the Americas

Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru
These coffees are light to medium bodied; clean, lively flavors; crisp acidity.

Coffee from Asia

Java, India, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra
These coffees are full-bodied, smooth and earthy; very low acidity; occasional herbal flavor notes.

Coffee from Africa
Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda
These coffees are clean acidity combined with intense floral aroma and enticing fruity or winey flavors. Medium-full bodied.

Our importer has built relationships with the growers, which allows us to purchase top quality beans, which we in turn can sell to you. They roast samples of their coffee and then "cup" for taste as well as imperfections.

"Cupping" simply means pouring boiling filtered water over freshly roasted and ground coffee beans; after 4 minutes, using a spoon to break the crust that forms, breathing in the aroma and slurping a mouthful coating the tongue with the coffee and allowing your taste buds to distinguish the flavors and origins of that bean.

We "cup" each of our coffee roasts to guarantee that you receive the best coffee possible.

Fair Trade

We’re also Fair Trade licensed.  Fair Trade means:  www.FairtradeUSA.org

  • Fair prices for family farmers
  • Decent working and living conditions
  • Environmentally friendly farming practices
  • The very best taste for you
  • The chance to make a difference with your purchase.

Our commitment is to supply the highest quality, 100% organic, Fair Trade, freshly roasted coffee to all of our friends and neighbors who are as passionate about coffee as we are.