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"Have you ever wished that coffee could taste as good as the aroma? Mostly I am disappointed. But your coffee tastes as good as it smells. It's the best coffee I have ever had... period!

-Samantha, Erwinna, PA

"I purchased your coffee (coffee lover's blend) this weekend at Rice's and I am hoooked. I opened my bag of beans and the aroma was incredible. I never realized that the coffee could smell that good. I couldn't wait to grind them up and make a pot. By far the best coffee I have ever brewed at home. I am going to be spreading the word to my other coffee lovers. Thank you."

-Mark Broomell

"You're coffee is amazing! I'm so glad to have found you! Keep it up!

-Mary Halman

Thank you so much! A Perfect cup every time!

-John Swanson



From Warren May

Dear Friend and Neighbor,

Did you know that coffee is not supposed to taste bitter? Coffee like fine wine can be distinctly identified by its natural taste and aroma and it should taste exactly like it smells, delicious and not bitter or burnt.

Welcome to The Coffee Scoop. The place you can get exceptional fresh roasted coffee beans and also the scoop on just about anything you want to know about coffee.

Hi, I'm Warren May, Owner and Coffee Roaster of The Coffee Scoop. We're located on a country road in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


We started this business because my wife and I just couldn't find fresh, great tasting coffee.

A fresh cup of coffee actually has a naturally sweet taste, not the bitter taste you think it's supposed to taste like. Cream and sugar are added (in large quantities sometimes) to mask that bitter taste.

What is so special about our coffee? At The Coffee Scoop we pay scrupulous attention to every detail to make sure that you are getting the best and freshest coffee available. As a small company in the highly competitive coffee industry, our success is measured by how satisfied you are with our coffee and whether you buy it again.


Coffee is much like fine wine in that the green coffee bean has a distinct flavor depending on its origin. The best coffee has a narrow growing criterion. These aristocrats require high altitudes, lots of rain with distinct rainy and dry seasons. The soil must be fertile. They require shade from clouds or a tree canopy as protection from the sun. The year round daytime temperature must be cool with no frost at night.

The result is a long slow growth cycle, which produces a dense, and hard bean with intense flavor. Coffee produces blossoms and fruit continuously, with the ripe fruit being hand picked by the farmers. Good coffee starts with good beans.

Some countries grow their coffee like corn with everything mechanized. Their coffee is mild and bland and a long ways from organic.

Coffee from the Americas
Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru
These coffees are light to medium bodied; clean, lively flavors; crisp acidity.

Coffee from Asia
Java, India, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra
These coffees are full-bodied, smooth and earthy; very low acidity; occasional herbal flavor notes.

Coffee from Africa
Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda
These coffees are clean acidity combined with intense floral aroma and enticing fruity or winey flavors. Medium-full bodied.

Our importer (CaféImports.com) has built relationships with the growers, which allows us to purchase top quality beans, which we in turn can sell to you. They roast samples of their coffee and then "cup" for taste as well as imperfections.

"Cupping" simply means pouring boiling filtered water over freshly roasted and ground coffee beans; after 4 minutes, using a spoon to break the crust that forms, breathing in the aroma and slurping a mouthful coating the tongue with the coffee and allowing your taste buds to distinguish the flavors and origins of that bean.

We "cup" each of our coffee roasts to guarantee that you receive the best coffee possible.


We have a small sample roaster, which we use to establish a roast profile for each of our coffees. By roasting 8-ounce batches we can determine the precise roast to obtain the desired flavor, which the bean has hidden within. Heat is necessary to develop these flavors, but if the roasting is not stopped at that precise point, then the coffee is over "cooked". The flavors are destroyed and the sugars go from caramelized to carbonized, with the coffee having a burnt taste.

We are in the midst of a cultural renaissance, a culinary revolution. Watch the cooking channel, Emeril; Alton Brown; Michael Chiarello; Barefoot Contessa and others; and you can see it. Despite the magic of Madison Ave. people are moving away from industrial pre-packaged foods. Canned pre-ground coffee, beer with the body of lemonade, fluorescent white bread that tears nicely down the middle.

This revolution is rooted in old world ideas where freshness dominates the quality of what we eat and drink. This passion and care is pitted against big multi-national corporations and their well-funded deceptive image-making.

If you are reading this, we believe you have made a conscious choice in this war against culinary poverty. Thank you for joining us. Specialty coffee distinguishes itself first and foremost by the quality of the raw materials, and a greater level of attention paid to the growing, picking, processing, shipping, storing, roasting, packaging, grinding and brewing. So you the consumer can enjoy and savor this wonderful experience.

Less than 2 percent of all the coffee grown can qualify as the "grand crus". Such beans provide the flavors and aromas coffee lovers are looking for. When we talk about flavor in the cup, this is what we mean.

Plant pedigree, altitude, microclimate, cultivation, transport and storage, all play a part in the final cup. Green coffee beans are literally seeds of potential flavor, each with its own particular nature.

The degree of roast applied should always be relative to the potential of the coffee being roasted. The best coffee beans come from high elevation, bright sunshine, fertile soil and warm but not hot climates. Anything else produces "vin ordinaire".

Great coffee begins with great beans. Enjoying coffee, wine or your favorite cuisine is about being in touch with taste.

So What Happens During Roasting?

From start to finish, a roast typically takes about 15 minutes. Our roasting machine looks a lot like your clothes dryer. The beans are spun in the cylinder to "cook" them evenly. I am continually monitoring the "roast", visibly, by sound and smell; in order to bring out the flavors and aromas hidden within the beans.

If the beans are roasted too dark -Italian-(This is a product of California and Seattle, no one in Italy roasts this dark) the taste of the coffee is extinct, and the sugars have carbonized, instead of caramelized. Darker does not mean better. Roasting is an interpretation of agricultural ingredients and we hope you are adventurous when it comes to culinary tastes, because we roast for the differences you can taste.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best coffee possible!


  • If white bread that tears perfectly down the middle is normal, than I am not.
  • If supermarket coffee is normal, then I am not.
  • If wanting to deprive big food companies of a tiny amount of their profit is bad, then I am.
  • I want to help farm families that have been hurt by one war after another.
  • I want to provide habitat for my summer birds when they go south for our winter.
  • I want to preserve what is left of the rain forests and if possible keep agri-chemicals out of them.
Both of my grandfathers were farmers and I saw first hand how hard they worked for basically nothing. The big companies and middlemen got all the profits.

One of my best coffees is from Guatemala where they are just emerging from a long civil war. On the farms you see lots of women and few men. TransFair (Fair Trade) is there organizing co-ops, starting schools, opening clinics and training the people how to grow, pick and process coffee. Coffee instead of plants for the drug lords. There is an American woman's group there teaching business courses so these farmers can manage their farms and the co-ops. My importer www.cafeimports.com buys coffee directly from these co-ops and the farmers receive double or triple what they would get from the open market. So what's in it for you and me? We get high quality coffee plus the satisfaction of knowing where our money is going. With every harvest the quality is improving. With every cup of coffee we know some poor farmer is smiling because she (more likely than he) has medical care, the kids are learning to read and write, and when she is paid for the coffee beans, she knows what she is going to get, and whether or not she was cheated. Did I forget to tell you about the organic sustainable farming they are being taught, with the replanting of native trees and reuse of all waste? By providing habitat for my summer birds, the farmers don't need insecticide, because the birds eat the bugs. And I have the satisfaction of knowing I am making a difference! For more information about Fair Trade log onto www.transfairusa.org.


Flavors are nothing but artificial perfumes concocted in labs that resemble other food products in a corn syrup base. We tend to be purists'; we want the true coffee bean flavor to shine through in your cup of coffee. After tasting our fine coffee you will agree, flavorings or cream and sugar won't be necessary!


Grinding your own freshly roasted beans is the most significant thing you can do to improve the taste of your coffee. This takes so little time and the reward is so great. Ground coffee is best brewed immediately. Whole bean coffee stays fresh up to two months if stored in the freezer.

Start with good filtered cold water (no off tastes). Grind enough beans to make one pot of coffee. Fine grind is best, coarse grind for a French press. Measure out 1 T. for each cup of coffee. Adjust the strength to your liking. Brewed coffee loses its character after a half hour. Never keep brewed coffee on a heat source to "boil", the coffee becomes very bitter.


Ideally, coffee should be purchased weekly, like fresh-baked bread. The wonderful flavor of fresh coffee peaks after two days and then diminishes rapidly because of air, light and moisture.

Coffee will absorb any fragrance or taste that it is exposed to, therefore storing in the refrigerator is not a good idea. Once the coffee beans are ground, the coffee becomes stale in about 30 minutes. Air and moisture are the two worst enemies of coffee.

So please store your coffee beans in an airtight container and store in the freezer in manageable portions, avoiding thawing and refreezing.

A standard has never been set for coffee as far as expiration date. So most roasters use a "best if used by" date. But when was the coffee roasted?? Here at The Coffee Scoop we have set our own standard and have posted the roast date on the bags so you are assured of the best coffee possible.

Frozen whole-bean coffee remains palatable for up to two months. At room temperature whole bean coffee becomes stale in 5 days.


To Create a product that is special.
We feel fresh coffee starts with superior quality 100% Arabica coffee beans skillfully roasted at each unique profile which results in great taste and a memorable coffee experience.

To Dedicate our business to our customer.
We have fanatical devotion to our customer and your needs, illustrated by the quality and freshness of our coffee.

To use only the finest equipment available.
Our roaster is designed to achieve consistently great tasting coffee with each roast.

To work with socially and environmentally responsible growers, and establish long-term relationships for the supply of exceptional quality green beans.


If for some reason you don't like our coffee, we will refund your money.


Place your order securely now through PayPal.

Remember our guarantee--if you are unsatisfied for any reason with your purchase, let us know and we will give you a full refund.

P.S. Quality starts with the bean and must flow all the way through to the cup. We seek out and roast only the finest 100% high grown Arabica coffee beans available.

P.P.S. Whether you like your coffee black and strong or sweet and light you can count on us to provide you with the finest and freshest.

Warren May

Member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America S.C.A.A
Organic Coffee; Fair Trade Licensed; Bird Friendly
We can be reached at warren@freshcoffeescoop.com with questions
or to place an order at www.freshcoffeescoop.com


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